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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

CSHC Members' Meeting July 9, 2023

Recent Events

CSHC 2022 Specialty and 50th Anniversary

CSHC 2022 Snobears Days of Future Past _Logan_ Bred_Owned Hiroyo Shimizu, Tim & Megan Tere

Judge: Maria Archaederra

Snobears Days of Future Past "Logan"

Bred/Owned Hiroyo Shimizu, Tim & Megan Terella 

Best Puppy in Sweeps

Judge: Debra Thornton

MBISS/GCH Snoebear’s A New Hope "Leia"

Bred by Tim & Megan Terella, Sheila Jean Morgan

Owned by Tim & Megan Terella, Hiroyo Shimizu 

Judge: Mrs. Chris Curtis

Multi BISOH/RBIS/BISS GCHG Highlander's Snow Pilot "Pilot"

Owner Hiroyo Shimizu

Owners/Breeders Anne & Brian Palmer

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