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CSHC 2020 Specialty

CSHC Racing

Despite the usual challenges of weather and the pandemic, members of the CSHC had a very successful sled dog racing season in 2021-2022, with six dogs finishing their SD or SDX titles.  The six were:  Christian and Gretzky (owned by Joe and Debby Fitzgerald), achieving their SDX degrees; Lilly and Pi (Gale Tench), Keo (Sandrina and Kevin Phipps), and Damien (Adele Quinn) finishing their SD degrees.  All were raced by either Joe or Alek Quinn.  Ron and Terri Gagne’s Robin (Amorok’s Boy Wonder) also took first place in the SD class at the recent Sled Dog Showcase in New Hampshire and went on to be named in the Top Ten for the show. 

Not bad for south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-line teams of racing Siberian Huskies!

Ron Gagne Kearney 1 Dog Sled Race KP Pho

Ron Gagne Kearney Dog Sled Race 2020

© Copyright 2020 KP Photography


Ron Gagne Dog Sled Racing
© Copyright Terri Stanley Gagne

Joe Fitzgerald Tug Hill Feb 2019

© Copyright 2019 Scott Herb and Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club

Alek Quinn Tug
Hill Feb 2019

© Copyright 2019 Scott Herb and Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club

Keeonah at Carroll Kennel Club 2018 Fast CAT

© Copyright Sandrina Phipps


Nala at National Beagle Club of America Club 2017 Fast CAT

© Copyright Ashlee Pezzuto  AAsAshlee 


Castle at SHCA  Nationals Specialty 2019 Fast CAT

© Copyright Karen Knaut

Shiver at Damalation Club 2017 Fast CAT

© Copyright Terri Stanley Gagne

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